Adopt a Bedtime Routine for Your Fire Safety

27th September 2016

You are almost three times more likely to die in a house fire that starts at night as you risk breathing in poisonous smoke and never wake up.

Adopt a few simple checks before you go to bed.

1. Switch off and unplug electrical equipment – only leave on appliances that are designed to be left on, like the fridge or your DVD recorder. DO NOT LEAVE PHONES, TABLETS ETC ON CHARGE OVERNIGHT. Some appliances pose a bigger risk, such as toasters. We will cover specifics of kitchen fire safety in a separate blog

2. Check your cooker – make sure the grill, hobs and oven are all turned off.

3. Don’t leave the washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher on. Their high speed of operation, friction and motors mean they can be a fire risk. Many people leave them on overnight but this is a bad idea. Get into the habit of running them in the evening when you are still up, so their programme finishes before you go to bed. We will publish a list of the top 10 appliances that catch fire in a later blog

4. Turn heaters off – especially portable ones which will stay on once the central heating has gone off with the timer.

5. Check candles are out – they can go on smouldering and start a fire. Double check they are out and never leave one burning when you go to sleep.

6. Put cigarettes right out – make sure cigarettes and pipes are out, wetting them to be sure. Never smoke in bed.

7. Check your escape route – it should be clear of obstacles. Make sure the keys are where they are meant to be so you can get out of front or back door easily.

8. Close all doors – this can slow down the spread of a fire. AS AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM, CLOSE THE KITCHEN DOOR.. Around 60% of domestic fires start in the kitchen

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