Fire protection basics - the Smoke Alarm

28th September 2016

It is essential that you fit effective smoke alarms to your dwelling. Today's blog outlines the basics

However, it is quite straightforward to ensure that your home is adequately protected by smoke alarms.

What are smoke alarms?

Smoke alarms are self contained devices that detect a fire (smoke detector) and give out an audible warning. They are quite compact and are usually fitted to the ceiling in your home.

Are smoke alarms mandatory?

If you let your property out, it will become mandatory from October 1st 2015 under the 'Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations 2015' to fit smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Contact us on 0115 989 7350 for more information.

Does your home already have a smoke alarm fitted?

Even if it does, you need to look after it.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions - smoke alarms don't need a lot of maintenance. A few minutes of attention during the year will ensure that it is working properly and could save your family's life in the event of fire. You need to;

  • Once a week test each alarm by pressing theh test button until the alarm sounds
  • Once a year change the battery
  • Twice a year gently clean the alarm using the soft brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner

After 10 years it is advisable to get a new alarm

You may want to consider upgrading your alarm

Many homes have a single unit fitted, which may be quite old. It is quite simple to fit an interconnected system which will sound all alarms at once - this is particularly effective if you live in a two story dwelling and a fire starts downstairs at night - it will sound the alarm on your upstairs unit immediately and wake you up more quickly.

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