Nottingham City Council Introduces a Selective Licencing Scheme

15th February 2018

Nottingham City Council will introduce on August 1st 2018 a Selective Licensing scheme for houses that make up the private rented sector with Nottingham City Council wards.

The council (‘NCC’) see this as an ‘opportunity to influence higher standards of privately rented houses’ and ‘ensure effective management through more extensive control’. It is also seen as a tool to reduce anti-social behaviour (ASB) and reduce poor property conditions. 

The cost of issuing a licence is £655 per property, payable immediately. this could increase by as much as 20% by August 1st 2018, not yet confirmed.

Documentation/standards required (not finalised)
• Gas safety certificate
• Electrical appliance tests (PAT)
• Electrical installation test
• Smoke alarms – one on each storey where there is habitable accommodation
• Emergency escape lighting - if applicable
• Furniture to bear fire safety labels
• Carbon monoxide detector installed in any room where there is a solid fuel burning combustion appliance

Property Management
• Kept in a good state of repair free from significant hazards
• Exterior maintained in a reasonable decorative order
• Exterior of property, walls, fences etc free of graffiti
• Gardens kept tidy and free of rodent infestation

• Emergency works are undertaken within 24 hours
• Locks, latches etc all in a good working order
• Tenants to be provided with key for window locks
• Main escape route (usually front door) must be fitted with a thumb turn mortice lock, open from inside without a key

Supply a Tenant Information Pack
• True copy of the Licence
• Name, address, daytime & emergency tel number of licence holder or managing agent
• True copies of current gas, electrical safety and epc certificates
• A written statement of the terms on which the tenant occupies the property
• Licence holder shall demand references for all new occupiers
• Sufficient buildings insurance in place which also covers the rehousing cost of occupiers if necessary
• Supply an inventory with photos, dated and signed by licence holder and tenants
• Deposit protection scheme information provided

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