Case Studies

Case Studies

Why good lighting matters

Have your thought that now might be the right time to change your lighting? At In Residence we constantly review how to keep costs down on the sites we manage. One of the most common problems we find is escalating electricity bills from communal areas.

A large city centre block that we manage had an underground car park, lit by 75 fluorescent tubes. These were controlled by PIR detectors to switch lights off when not needed. The older technology of fluorescent tubes however, meant that the constant switching on and off was leading to premature failure. Costly replacements were becoming the norm and changes to PIR sensitivity couldn’t halt the problem.

Our suggestion was to specify the latest LED units instead. These were rated at just 25w each (the same light output as the existing 58w units) which is less than half the running costs - but most importantly they could be controlled precisely. So they could be switched off almost continuously without risk of failure.

The car park was upgraded over a year ago and to date there has not been a single light failure. The electricity cost too for the communal areas has dropped by over £150 a month. This single change has offered a cost effective and eco-positive solution for residents.